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Hedge, Created by the Experts at American Family Insurance

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For over 94 years, the team at American Family Insurance has worked to inspire, protect, and restore dreams — like the dream of a safe and secure home.

After all this time, we understand where home damage is most likely to occur. And instead of focusing our efforts exclusively after an issue has happened, we’re working to help you avoid those issues in the first place.

That’s why we created a Hedge: a smart home protection and security system focused on preventing what we know are top home-related risks — water damage, fire, and theft — while reducing related insurance claims.

Easy to use, affordable, and secure, Hedge connects you to your home no matter where you are, and provides the peace of mind and empowerment that comes with proactive protection.



Fast and easy to set up and use



Helps to prevent your biggest home-related risks: theft, fire, and water damage



Plus, it may save you money on homeowners insurance and avoid costly home issues



Only you and other users you’ve added to your account can access your devices



Based on your home and preferences

Meet Hedge:

Empowering Proactive Home Protection

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Proactive Protection is Mutually Beneficial

Hedge is a win-win, benefitting the entire American Family community.

American Family Customers Get:


Easy-to-use, affordable smart home devices and app, plus issue escalations via text, call, and emergency contact at no additional cost


No monthly fees for Hedge packages or long-term contracts for any Hedge offerings


A potential discount on insurance premiums


Peace of mind, knowing what matters most is proactively protected

The American Family Team Gets:


The opportunity to reduce the occurrence of claims or the severity of those claims


To support the American Family mission of inspiring, protecting, and restoring dreams by helping customers proactively protect their home