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10 Reasons Why You Need a Home Monitoring & Security System

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Published: April 7, 2021

You've been thinking about installing a home protection and security system, but you find yourself wondering if it's the right decision. Do you really need one — are they worth the investment?

Below, we'll walk you through ten ways that a home protection and security system can benefit you and your family, helping you protect your home and everything in it. And while not all protection and security systems were built with the following capabilities in mind, we made sure that Hedge was.

#1: You'll be able to keep an eye on your home — even when you're not there.

A home protection and security system helps you monitor your home no matter where you are, and with Hedge, accessing your home's indoor security camera is as easy as opening an app.

With just a few taps of the Hedge App, you can access your SmartCam's live feed, as well as view previous recordings taken when the SmartCam detected noise or movement.

Your Hedge App is also your connection to your other Hedge smart home devices; using the app, you can review notifications coming in from the other devices alerting you to unusual, potentially problematic activity within your home.

#2: You'll receive an alert in the event of certain home issues.

Most home protection and security systems alert you to potential issues inside your home; such is the case with Hedge, which will alert you to the below:

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sounding within range or your SmartCam*
  • Water accumulation reaching as little as .5mm (so you can catch leaks as soon as they happen!)
  • Shifts in humidity and temperature outside your specified range, which could indicate an issue like mold or freezing pipes
  • Motion and noise detection when your home is armed
  • Monitored doors and windows opening when your home is armed

#3: The best systems include additional protection features; with Hedge, for example, you get "issue escalations" via text, call, and emergency contact.

Some home protection and security systems include the option to purchase additional features or services for added home protection. With Hedge, one of these key features is included at no extra cost and with no monthly fees. The critical feature in question? 24/7 issue escalations via text, call, and emergency contact.

With Hedge, certain high-priority events — your smoke or carbon monoxide detector going off, or water accumulation — trigger the issue escalation process: a series of additional notifications, texts, and calls will be made to other users on your account, followed by your emergency contact. Issue escalations continue until you open the Hedge App, signaling you've received the communication. In other words, Hedge doesn't stop until you're made aware of the potentially serious issue within your home.

#4: Comprehensive systems also protect your possessions from water damage.

Furniture, clothes, valuables, sentimental items… our homes are filled with things that mean a lot to us and our families. You'd be upset — devastated — if your possessions were damaged or ruined entirely.

One common culprit of damaged possessions? The seemingly innocuous water flowing through your pipes. Water damage in homes is, unfortunately, quite commonplace. Just check out these staggering facts found here, a couple of which we've included below:

  • 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day.
  • 98% of basements in the U.S. are subjected to some type of water damage during their lifespans.

Few "traditional" home security systems feature devices that help prevent water damage… but fortunately — Hedge does. Our Smart Leak Sensor Kit, includes three Leak Sensors that sit below sinks, toilets, and hot water heaters and send you a notification if water accumulation is detected — or if humidity or temperature levels are outside your specified range, which could indicate a water-related issue like mold or freezing pipes.

#5: You'll be able to share the responsibility of keeping your home safe and sound with other family members.

While some systems might put the onus of home protection on a single person, with Hedge you can add additional users to the account, who will be able to do things like view alerts and access SmartCam's live stream and video recordings. By adding users, you're able to distribute responsibility; the weight of protecting your home — and everything in it — can be shared with your spouse or partner.

#6: You'll be able to more closely monitor your kids' (or pets') activity to ensure their safety.

While you might prefer that your kids or pets never be home alone, for many parents (and pet parents), this isn't a reality.

With the SmartCam, you can access your camera's live stream at any time to make sure your kids are home from school (and are diligently working on their homework), or that your pet hasn't gotten into any trouble while you're out.

Other smart home devices from Hedge — like the Contact Sensor or Garage Door Sensor — can notify you when your doors are opened, signaling your kids have arrived home safe and sound.

Smart home technology also provides an opportunity to care for elderly parents, monitoring their home for potential security threats and keeping an eye on their activity in an unobtrusive way.

#7: You'll discourage home break-ins, protecting your family and belongings from intruders.

Sometimes, all it takes is a security sign or window cling (as is the case with Hedge) indicating that your home is being monitored to deter criminals from breaking in.

And if that doesn't deter intruders, some security cameras — like Hedge's SmartCam — begin recording when they detect noise or movement within your home. These recordings can be turned over to the authorities to help them identify and catch the intruders later on.

Another way Hedge users can stop intruders in their tracks is to use the SmartCam's two-way audio to scare them off before any real damage is done.

#8: You'll be the first to know if your smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off when you're not home.

When your smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off, every second counts. Many home protection and security systems alert you to the threat of fire and carbon monoxide, and Hedge is no different.

The versatile SmartCam listens for smoke and carbon monoxide sirens; if it's in range and "hears" the sirens go off, it will send you a notification so that you can take immediate action to protect your home and everything in it. This feature is critical when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off and your pet is the only one home.

#9: You might save on your homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that typically covers damage to your home and possessions caused by things like fire, storms, and theft.

In some cases, homeowners that install a home security system are eligible to receive a discount on their homeowners insurance. Such is the case with Hedge; American Family Insurance policyholders who use Hedge are eligible for savings on their homeowners insurance by proactively protecting their home and everything in it.

#10: You'll have peace of mind.

You can't put a price on the peace of mind and sense of empowerment that comes with taking proactive steps to protect your family, your home, and your possessions. Hedge helps you take care of what matters most.

Interested in learning more about Hedge? Visit the Shop page to explore the devices that help you protect and secure your home. And if you have questions about Hedge, don't hesitate to contact our Support team with questions.

*While SmartCams can't detect smoke or carbon monoxide, they can listen for and alert you to the 3100Hz frequency emitted by standard detectors.

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