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4 Reasons Why You'll Love the Garage Door Sensor

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Published: September 17, 2020

Have you met our Garage Door Sensor? If not, you're going to want to.

This handy little device detects if your garage door is open or closed and sends you a push notification if the garage door is left open when you arm your home (which Hedge users often do when they leave for the day or go to sleep at night).

And while it's not part of Hedge's Packages, it's available to all customers as an add-on.

Read on for four reasons why we at Hedge love this "small yet mighty" smart home device — and why we're sure you will too. 

1. It can help you protect your home from intruders

The next time you drive around your neighborhood, take note of your neighbors' garage doors... How many of them have been left open?

An open garage door is an open invitation to burglars. First, it gives thieves access to anything you might be storing within your garage (e.g. expensive bikes and tools). But more than that, it makes the rest of your home vulnerable to a break-in. It's easy to forget to lock the access door from the garage to the house — and even if you do remember to lock it, it might not be as secure as an exterior-facing door.

One solution? Installing a smart device like the Garage Door Sensor. Our sensor sends you a push notification via the Hedge mobile app if your garage door is still open when your home is armed (which, as previously mentioned, Hedge users tend to do when they leave the house in the morning or go to sleep at night). This helps you protect your home and belongings from would-be intruders.

But our Garage Door Sensor isn't just a proactive tool — it also helps you react should a break-in happen. Let's say you did remember to close your garage door, but an intruder managed to open it and enter your home anyway. This isn't an uncommon scenario; it's estimated that burglars break into homes through the garage almost 10% of the time. In that case, our Garage Door Sensor will send you a push notification that your garage door has been opened. Then, with a quick tap of your Hedge App, you can access your SmartCam's live feed to see if any unwanted guests have entered your home. If so, you can exit the app to contact the police and/or use SmartCam's two-way audio to scare them off. 

2. It can give you peace of mind

Have you ever been away from your home — at work or out to dinner, for example — and found yourself unable to fully concentrate or enjoy the moment because you can't shake the feeling that you've forgotten to do something: Did I remember to shut the garage door?

Instead of using your lunch break to drive all the way home or cutting your evening plans short because you're worried about your garage door and the security of your home, smart home technology like our Garage Door Sensor can notify you right away if you leave home with the garage door still open.

The Garage Door Sensor can also give you peace of mind by helping you keep an eye on your family's comings and goings when you're not home. Say, for example, you're at work and you expect your kids to be home from school around 3:00. At 3:05, you receive a Hedge App push notification that your garage door has been opened, signaling that your kids are home safe and sound. If it gets to be 3:15, however, and you still haven't received a notification, you can check in with your kids to see where they are and make sure they're alright.

3. It's small and discreet — and a breeze to install

How long does it take to install our Garage Door Sensor? We estimate around 3 minutes to install the device (i.e. to connect your Garage Door Sensor to your Hedge App) and another 1 minute to attach it. (Find installation instructions here.)

After you install and attach your Garage Door Sensor, it'll essentially take care of itself: it requires no maintenance outside of a battery change two years down the line. (The very first set of batteries that you'll need to set up the Garage Door Sensor are included with the device.) 

4. It's affordable

Our goal is to empower proactive home protection for as many homeowners as we can. To achieve that goal, we price our smart home monitoring and security products to be affordable, and the Garage Door Sensor is no different. If you're a new customer, be sure to add on the Garage Door Sensor to your Hedge Package when you shop Hedge. And if you're an existing customer that would like to purchase the Garage Door Sensor, you can now do so via the e-commerce store on the Hedge App.

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