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6 Ways to Save Time & Money with Smart Home Protection

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Published: August 5, 2021

A smart home protection and security system helps you take care of the things that matter most: your family, your home, and your beloved belongings. But in addition to providing proactive protection, the right system can do even more: like save you time and money.

Read on for six potentially unexpected ways a smart home system like Hedge can benefit you and your family. With a system like Hedge, you'll get the protection expected from a traditional security system . . . plus so much more.

#1: Save time: avoid the need to continually "double-check" home areas of concern

We've all been there. You've just arrived at work, or the grocery store, or the gym, when you have a nagging thought: "Did I remember to close the back door? The garage door? The interior door that prevents my new (destructive) puppy from having unhindered access to the rest of the house?" Or — "I should've checked the basement before I left . . . given all this rain, I'm worried about leaks and flooding!"

Whatever your concern, you may feel worried enough to drive home and double-check that everything is as it should be . . . and while this might put your mind at ease, it will cost you time out of your already busy day.

With Hedge, these types of situations can be avoided. Take the "destructive puppy" scenario: in this case, you could use Hedge's indoor security camera SmartCam to see for yourself that your puppy is in his designated room, or use the Contact Sensor to know that the door is closed, not ajar. At the same time, you would feel at ease knowing Hedge's Motion Sensor would alert you to any unexpected movement that might require further attention.

Another case in which you might feel compelled to continually check your home? When you're worried about water leaks. Unfortunately, water damage is a common, and often costly, home issue. And if you live in a home with older plumbing (or if you've experienced water damage in the past) you might find yourself spending too much time double-checking for problems.

With Hedge's Leak Sensor, you can rest easy knowing you'll be alerted to the smallest amount of water accumulation — or shifts in humidity / temperature outside your set range that could indicate a water-related issue, like mold or freezing pipes. Save those precious minutes spent double-checking (they add up!) when Hedge is on the case.

#2: Save money: prevent costly home damage

The first way that a smart home protection system can save you money is perhaps the most obvious: these systems can prevent expensive home damage. All Hedge packages — Prevent and Protect — include devices focused on preventing top home-related risks, which can be extremely costly: water damage, theft (most common during the summer months), and fire.*

Consider water damage: this home issue is the second most common type of insurance claim (which makes sense, given that water flows throughout almost every area of the home), affecting roughly one in fifty insured homeowners each year . . . and the average claim cost? Almost $11,000.

The thing is — in some cases, these big home problems start as small home problems; the key is catching them in time. Take this relatively common issue: a leaking refrigerator ice maker. If gone unnoticed, this type of leak could quickly wreak havoc on your floor or drywall. (The same goes for a small leak concealed underneath your washing machine or under a sink, within a cabinet.) Fortunately, smart home monitoring systems like Hedge immediately alert you to issues like these; Hedge's Leak Sensors detect even a drop of water accumulation and send you an immediate Hedge App notification. With Hedge, you'll save money in the near and long-term by preventing those small issues from becoming big problems.

#3: Save time: check in on elderly parents from afar

Nothing beats spending quality time with the people we love. But for adults concerned about elderly parents, relatives, or other loved ones living independently, a smart home monitoring system like Hedge can provide a way to quickly check in between longer, in-person visits, leaving more time for the quality visits you want.

Hedge can help you save time when it comes to caring for parents that are "aging in place" in multiple ways; for example, Hedge enables you to remotely monitor your elderly parents' home for potential security threats or absence of activity which could signal a problem — even when you're miles away. Hedge's security devices — SmartCam, Motion Sensors, and Contact Sensors — will send you a push notification if they detect something out of the ordinary, like noise or motion when you know your parents aren't home. (For even more ways Hedge enables "aging in place," click here!)

#4: Save money: avoid expensive professional monitoring with easy, effective self-monitoring

Smart home monitoring falls within two categories: professional monitoring or self-monitoring. And while some people feel more at-ease with professional monitoring, others are comfortable with self-monitoring, which can be very effective at preventing home issues.

Hedge makes self-monitoring simple and effective. In the event of an issue, your Hedge devices send you an alert via our easy-to-use Hedge App; within the app, you can instantly view alert details, tap into your SmartCam's live stream, check the status of your other devices, "arm" your home, and more. The Hedge App also records and saves video clips when your SmartCam detects motion or noise; and while you'd likely have to pay for this service with a professional monitoring provider, Hedge offers it at NO additional cost and with NO monthly fees (unless you'd like to upgrade to longer, more frequent videos).

In addition, Hedge makes it easy to add "secondary users" to the account to share responsibility, and includes a 24/7 issue escalation process that acts as a safeguard in case you're unable to receive an alert (for example if you've turned your phone off or don't have service). So — if your hot water heater starts to leak after you've put your phone on airplane mode to board a flight, the problem won't go unnoticed; a series of notifications, texts, and calls will be made to you and other users on your account (like your spouse), followed by your emergency contact (like your neighbor). The process will continue until you or another account user opens the Hedge App, signaling you're aware of the issue. This type of escalation service — typically provided at an additional monthly fee — is included with Hedge at NO extra cost.

While professional monitoring certainly has its place and is preferred by some people, with Hedge you can protect your home and save money with effective self-monitoring.

#5: Save money: conserve water to lower your water bill

According to the EPA, household leaks waste nearly one trillion gallons of water each year nationwide — that's equivalent to over 1,500 Olympic-size swimming pools! On an individual household level, we're looking at nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year, with ten percent of homes wasting 90 gallons or more per day.

Common leaks include toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and other leaks that are relatively easy to fix. According to the EPA, fixing these easily corrected water leaks can save homeowners roughly 10% on their water bills.

The key is knowing when utilities are leaking in the first place. Hedge's Leak Sensors detect the smallest amount of water accumulation — just .5mm — as well as shifts in humidity and temperature that could indicate other water-related issues. By immediately alerting you to water leaks, Hedge enables you to take quick action, fix the leak, and save money on your water bill (not to mention prevent costly damage).

#6: Save money: get a discount on your homeowners insurance

Last up for saving money? Your smart home monitoring system might just get you a discount on your homeowners insurance. Some insurance providers recognize the mutual benefit of proactive home protection: customers get to take care of the things that matter most while the insurance provider gets the opportunity to reduce the occurrence of claims or the severity of those claims.

American Family Insurance policyholders that get Hedge may be eligible for this type of discount (if you're an AmFam policyholder, talk to your agent about Hedge!).

The right smart home protection and security systems are well worth the investment, especially when you consider all the benefits above and beyond the obvious home protection-related ones. Ask the right questions, choose wisely, and you'll get more than you bargained for: home protection, money back in your pocket, and extra time to do with as you please — not to mention peace of mind. If you'd like to learn more about Hedge, visit our Packages page to explore our devices; for questions, feel free to chat with a member of our team.

*While Hedge can't detect smoke or carbon monoxide, it can listen for and alert you to the 3100 Hz frequency emitted by standard detectors.

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