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Smart Home Monitoring Features We Love This Valentine’s Day

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Published: February 14, 2022

5 Under-the-Radar Smart Home Monitoring Features We Love (And You Will Too!)

Ahh . . . Valentine's Day is almost here, and love is in the air!

While you might not associate smart home monitoring with Cupid's favorite holiday, we beg to differ. Call us biased, but we think there's plenty to love about Hedge.

And while certain features of Hedge, and systems like it, tend to get all the attention (we're lookin' at you, security cameras), this month, we've decided to spotlight those that are just as deserving of love and attention.

#1: Environmental monitoring (water, humidity & temperature)

When you hear "home protection," where does your mind go? It might jump to "home security": the realm of smart cameras and motion detectors. But what about "environmental monitoring," or watching your home for things like water accumulation and too-high or low temperature and humidity?

Hedge is unique in that it addresses both home security and environmental monitoring. You'll love the feeling of not having to worry about your home when you're not there — and knowing that temperature and humidity levels are right where you want them. Let's hear it for comfy, cozy homes this Valentine's Day season!

#2: Wireless, DIY installation

Another thing we love about Hedge (and DIY systems like it)? No professional installation required. This means no drilling or wiring (hurray for keeping our walls pristine!).

Wireless DIY systems like Hedge are delivered in the mail, ready to go. Setting them up is as easy as placing the devices around the home and connecting them via their app. No fuss, no headache. Hedge is for people who want a safe, secure home — without the hassle that accompanies traditional, wired systems. (For more on DIY home security systems, check out our other blog post: "DIY Home Security Systems: 7 Key Benefits for Homeowners".)

#3: Included 24/7 issue escalations

Included at no extra cost and with no monthly fees, Hedge's issue escalations via text, call, and emergency contact provide an added layer of home protection — and peace of mind.

When Hedge devices detect certain "high-priority" events (like water accumulation), the escalation pipeline activates: notifications, texts, and calls that alert you and other account users, followed by your emergency contact.

Let's illustrate with an example:

These 24/7 issue escalations are critical when you're not in a position to receive phone alerts, for example if you don't have cell service, if your phone has died, if it's on airplane mode, or if you're just otherwise occupied: at work, running errands, or watching your kids.

If there's a serious problem within your home, Hedge won't stop until you're aware of it. What's not to love about that? (Especially when this feature is included at no extra cost.)

#4: Auto-arming

What good is a home protection system if you forget to turn it on? Hedge's "auto-arm" feature recognizes when a Hedge user (you, your spouse, your babysitter) leaves and re-enters your home, and automatically enables and disables certain features of the Hedge system accordingly.

You'll receive certain notifications — like water detector and smoke/CO alerts — whether your home is armed or disarmed. However, you'll only receive the below alerts when your home is armed:

  • Motion and noise detected by your SmartCam
  • Motion detected by your Motion Sensors
  • Monitored doors and windows opening and closing detected by your Contact Sensors

So when your spouse gets home early to cook you a Valentine's Day surprise dinner, you won't receive a barrage of alert notifications. (Thank you, auto-arm, for keeping the romance alive!)

#5: The ability to check in on your loved ones

Missing your spouse or kids (pet kids included) during the day? Hedge's SmartCam gives you the ability to check in on the family members you love the most! Receive an alert when your spouse arrives home from work or your kids arrive home from school, then use the SmartCam to see and speak to them. (Did we mention the SmartCam includes two-way audio?) Hedge bridges the physical distance between you and your loved ones so that you feel like you're together — even if you're miles apart. What's not to love about that?!

#6: Potential insurance discounts

Last on our list of under-the-radar Hedge features that deserve some love and recognition this Valentine's Day? Cost savings. Some insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who take proactive action to protect their home from things like water damage, fire, and theft. If you're an American Family customer with Hedge, you may be eligible for this type of discount — check with your agent!

There you have it. Our Valentine's Day ode to some of Hedge's less recognized — but still beloved — features. They hold a special place in our hearts, and as soon as you see their home protection potential, they will in yours, too.

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