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Home Protection Can’t Wait

Hedge has been actively saving homeowners from damage. We’re offering its easy-to-use home protection packages at unmissable prices. Don’t wait — it’s never been easier to keep your family, home, and belongings safe and secure.

Prevent Water Damage, Fire, & Theft

Starter Package

The Prevent Package


(Plus $9.99 shipping)

The Prevent Package includes an indoor security camera (SmartCam) so you can keep an eye on your home when you’re not there, plus Leak Sensors that alert you to water-related issues.

Standard Package

The Protect Package


(Plus $9.99 shipping)

The Protect Package includes the devices featured in the Prevent Package plus motion detection and door & window monitoring for enhanced home protection and security.

The Reviews Are In! Hear from Current Customers.

Happy user!

“I’ve had the app and Hedge devices for the last year. The communication is dynamic following a triggered alarm. We were saved from a large potential loss when a leak was detected under our wash machine. Highly recommended product!”


“We had a hot water heater leak at 1am in the morning the day before we went on vacation. The Leak Sensor detected it right away. I’m very pleased with this capability as it saved us from a potentially costly mess.”

Hedge has already saved me time, money, and frustration…

“… by detecting a small intermittent leak in my freezer’s ice machine. The sensor let out an audible beep, sent notifications to my phone, and I even received a call to notify me of the water detection.”

What Sets Hedge Apart From Other Systems?



in addition to traditional security-focused features.



via text, call, and emergency contact (did we mention this is included?!).



— plus it can help you avoid costly home issues.



for Hedge packages, or long-term contracts for any Hedge offerings.



to set up and use.



Based on your home and preferences.

Meet the Home Protection Devices

Smartcam Image


Indoor Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home no matter where you are with a 24/7 live feed, and receive a Hedge App notification if the SmartCam detects motion or noise — including your smoke or CO alarm.*

*While Hedge can’t detect smoke or carbon monoxide, it can listen for and alert you to the 3100 Hz frequency emitted by standard detectors.

Leak Sensor Kit Image

Smart Leak Sensor Kit

3 Leak Sensors

Get alerted to water accumulation as little as .5mm and shifts in humidity and temperature readings outside your specified range that could predict a water-related issue (think mold or freezing pipes).

Motion Kit Image

Smart Motion Kit

1 Motion Sensor & 2 Contact Sensors

Breathe easy knowing you’ll be alerted to unexpected activity in your home when your Hedge system is armed, like motion and sensor-monitored doors and windows being opened or closed.