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24/7 Issues Escalations

Text, calls & emergency contact

Included at no extra cost and with no monthly fees, Hedge’s issue escalations via text, call, and emergency contact provide an added layer of home protection — and peace of mind. If there’s a potential “high-priority” problem within your home, Hedge won’t stop until you’re made aware of it.

Ready Home Assist

How Issue Escalations Work

A “High-Priority” Event Triggers Issue Escalation

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

going off within range of your SmartCam*

Water Accumulation Detection

Water accumulation

reaching .5mm

*While SmartCams can’t detect smoke or carbon monoxide, they can listen for and alert you to the 3100Hz frequency emitted by standard detectors.

You and Other Users on Your Account Receive a Push Notification

Remember — events that don’t qualify as “high-priority” (i.e. they aren’t as likely to indicate a serious issue) trigger a push notification too — but stop there. These do not follow the escalation process via text, call, and emergency contact outlined below.

Shifts in humidity or temperature

outside your specified range

Motion & noise detection

when your home is armed

Monitored doors or windows

opening when your home is armed

…Followed by a Text & Call if the Notification Goes Unacknowledged

Example text message:

“Water detected in Office by Hedge. Open your Hedge app for details.”

Example voicemail:

“A device has detected an issue. Check your Hedge mobile app now for details and to get help.”

Still No Issue Acknowledgement? Hedge Texts Your Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Notification

when all other notifications have gone unanswered

A Hedge Story: Issue Escalations in Action

Working from home

You're working
from home.

And to limit distractions, you've muted your phone.

Issue is detected

An issue
is detected.

Your Leak Sensor detects water accumulation and triggers the escalation process.

Escalation process begins

The escalation
process begins.

… But neither you nor the other user on your account (your spouse, napping) respond to the notification.

Emergency contact is notified

Your emergency
contact is notified.

Your emergency contact — a trusted neighbor — receives a text alerting them to the issue.

The issue is resolved

The issue
is resolved!

Your neighbor knocks on your door and alerts you to the potential issue. You shut off the water in the nick of time.