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24/7 Issues Escalations

Included with your Hedge Base Package at no extra cost.

Ready Home Assist

Protect your home no matter where you are.

Peace of mind starts here. Every Hedge Base Package includes additional services — like 24/7 alerts and escalations — designed to add an extra layer of security to your home.


Receive an immediate push notification if your smart home devices detect a potential problem.

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sounding detected by your SmartCam in range of the sound
  • Water accumulation reaching as little as .5mm
  • Shifts in humidity and temperature outside your specified Leak Sensor range
  • Activity around doors/windows when your home is armed
  • Noise and motion detected by your SmartCam when your home is armed
  • Monitored doors/windows opening or closing detected by your Contact Sensors when your home is armed
  • Motion detected by your Motion Sensor when your home is armed


With Hedge, there are certain “abnormal events” that we consider high-priority: there’s a good chance that they’ll lead to a significant problem if not addressed:

  • Your smoke or carbon monoxide detector sounding within range of your SmartCam
  • Water accumulation (“accumulation” defined as .5mm)

In light of these “high-priority” events, the escalation process will automatically activate and continue until you open the Hedge App, acknowledging you received the communication. (The escalation process involves a series of additional notifications, texts, and calls to you and other users on your account, followed by your emergency contact.)

How Our Escalations Work

Working from home

You're working
from home.

And to limit distractions, you've muted your phone.

Issue is detected

An issue
is detected.

Your Water Detector senses water accumulation and sends a push notification.

Escalation process begins

The escalation
process begins.

The escalation process begins and continues until you open the Hedge App, acknowledging the communication and signaling “I’ve got it, and I’m on it!”

Emergency contact is notified

Your emergency
contact is notified.

Unfortunately, the only other user on your account (your spouse) is napping. So, your emergency contact (a neighbor) is notified.

The issue is resolved

The issue
is resolved.

Your neighbor knocks on your door and alerts you to the potential issue. You shut off the water in the nick of time.

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