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Home Maintenance Services

An Added Benefit for American Family Insurance Policyholders.

Home Protection Services

Proactively Protect Your Home with a Home Checkup

At American Family, we’re dedicated to inspiring, protecting, and restoring your dreams. Our Hedge Home Checkup is just another way that we help to protect your dream of a safe and secure home. (Plus, we’re waiving the fee for policyholders.)

Benefits of Regular Home Maintenance

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Keeps You & Your Family Safe

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Protects Your Belongings

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Reduces the Risk & Cost of Future Breakdowns

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Increases Your Home’s Value

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Improves Your Living Experience

How It Works

During the home checkup*, a home expert will conduct a safety inspection and provide guidance on system maintenance. They’ll answer questions, talk through any concerns, and help you create an action plan for future maintenance.

*Washington home checkups are conducted virtually, via video call.


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