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Ready Home Assist

Included with your Hedge Base Package at no extra cost.

Ready Home Assist

Professional support at your fingertips.

Ready Home Assist is a Hedge App feature that connects you to hundreds of pre-approved service and repair professionals in your area. You can use Ready Home Assist to get in touch with a professional following a home incident — like a water leak — or to schedule less pressing home repairs. You can also use Ready Home Assist to connect with an expert who can help with bigger home improvement projects, like a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

How to Use Ready Home Assist


Access Ready Home Assist on your Hedge App via the Services tab or by clicking the “incident” in question.


Connect with a Hedge Project Advisor and describe your situation.


Match with a pre-approved professional in your area who will contact you to confirm an appointment.


The home professional will visit your home to begin the requested repairs or home project.